It's a Set Up!

 So the final week is upon us which means that this week will mostly be spent preparing my exhibition space, which after thankfully very little negotiation is the separate room  at the back of the studios - G47. 
Whilst making the film and through watching the footage back, I have come to the conclusion in my head that it would suit it best to be shown in a darkened confined area which whilst being the opposites of the elements depicted in the film, would I feel work the best for showing it. With the pitch black atmosphere and the confined space adding to the 'all consuming' nature I have wanted the film to have from the start. With my trusty helper Chris Winter helping, we painted the projection wall a crisp white and began draping fabric around the room and decreasing the spaces original size both for the exhibitions purposes and to give a space for storage, which has enabled the room to separate itself from the rest of the exhibition which has recently taken on quite an open, airy feel, something my piece wouldn't, i feel, suit. Especially as my piece relies upon a soundtrack to surround the viewer, which would cause a lot of problems in terms of interfering with the intentions of other exhibitors and their work. Whilst I will still have to be wary of my sound leaking out and affecting others work, I am in a much more comfortable position from my own domain at the back of the studios.
Draping fabric across the doorway further increases the closed off nature of my exhibition space. This is where I  am grateful for having sound in my piece as without it my piece may be ignored due to no visible signs of entrance. The sound now acting as a point of intrigue for the audience to explore.