East Street Arts - Patrick Studios.

Today was the day, I had my first taste of being a resident artist. Arriving at Patrick Studios at 10.30 I was shown to the space where I was left to my own devices, really relaxing feel and one in which I was at liberty to try as many things as I liked. It was areally refreshing experience.

First thoughts as how great it was to have such a large space all to myself, selfish I know but having all this space really allowed me to play about and experiment with
No way feasible in a working studio like that on the course, but I feel that I have organized this opportunity at the right moment- just as the studios are being adapted for the degree show, so I can get used to having so much space, even though the light and scale will be completely different.

The Patrick Studios is well served by natural light courtesy of the huge loft windows, which made the room a little brighter than I wanted, but with a few adjustments I managed to get the lighting to a suitable level to project whilst still taking in the nice open feel of the space. something I was keen to investigate was how this openness would have an effect on the film itself. With my intentions for the degree show to project inside the relatively modest space of G47 to create and ‘all-consuming’ effect by darkening the space and making it slightly claustrophobic to draw focus on the piece, how would the same work then look in a bright, open, modern gallery setting?

I was pleased with how the day went, and the was a tremendous satisfaction of being a practitioner in the public realm and having the freedom to create and display what is essentially my response to my own brief.

Whilst this was a great opportunity for me to independently discover ways of showing my work I was also very aware that come degree show time I won't have such a liberty of selfishness and will have to consider how my work will work with pieces in a conversational sense within the context of the show.