Das is Wunderbar.

Just found out I'm to go to Magdeburg in Germany for the 2011 Gide event!
I'm really pleased at this and after thoroughly enjoying this years event in Lugano, this is a really great surprise and will also give me the pressure I need to ensure that my final results for the conclusion of this brief are up to the highest of standard.

I am now off home for the festive break and to crack on with my dissertation writing, see you in the new year.

The Future.

Ominous I know but I feel that if I don't look beyond beery celebration and Christmas Pudding I might just forget that my work for the 'Exhibit/Show' needs to be given a fitting conclusion and how to achieve this needs to be achieved by the time I return for the start of term, ready for hand in.

in order to not let the project stagnate, i need to give it more focus instead of getting bogged down too much with dissertation writing and future ideas. 

A4 Exhibition Opening.

After a weeks worth of setting up, myself and the rest of the curation/construction team are suitably exhausted yet pleased with our efforts, and opened the A4 only show today with a preview and refreshments courtesy of Alex and Lauren.

The floors were sleek and shiny, the shelves looked sturdy and most importantly the work looked great.
I felt both rooms as well as the connecting corridor, offered something different and in terms of curation allowed both close inspection as well as reflection on the works whilst not feeling too open or cramped and also hosted a variety of media to explore.

Each exhibit was intended to be a unique individualistic interpretation of the term A4, and it certainly proved to be, with very few exhibits looking obvious to their origin.
From April Comer's porcelein cup telephone with connecting string the length of the area of A4 and Joanna Geldards iconagraphy laden work on an 'A4' plinth to the more obvious yet nonetheless appealing origami of James Smart, above, the works I feel will make the exhibition a success, and although proving a challenge to get the balance right in curation, have made for a great end of term exhibition.

It was also a great oppurtuity to get the chance to see our tutors practices on show  with all Interdisciplinary tutors submitting as well as members of staff including Roger Berry, Bridget March, James Smart and Simon Harrison.
I found Joanna Geldards work particularly interesting, especially as she spoke to me about how 'rediculous' she intended it to be whislt I helped her set it up.
I seemed to like it more on an aesthetic scale anyway even if it's content was deliberatly 'baffling', as it's iconography was reminiscent of the 'Neon Bible' cover by Arcade Fire.

One of the great challenges for the curation team was how to exhibit the shows more delicate work such as 's paper shoes and the slip cast paper birds of Natalie Fyfe.
I was wary of someone standing on Natalies work, not because they don't know exhinition etiquitte, jsut that we accidents do happen and in a busy environment this could be a risk.
But to this day (Tuesday) the birds are still centre stage with no harm done and I have think they add a really nice touch to the exhibition, and feel standalone works like these were needed to draw attention to the whole room, and lets face it the room would look quite bland if all works were on shelves, after all this is an exhibition not a newsagents.

After accidentally destroying Becky's mirror, that reflects her work to the floor, midweek I felt I owed her to take a few photo's of it, so here you are Beck's.

And here are the poster's in their rightful place. 
I was really pleased with how they turned out and was glad to have screen printed work as I feel that it adds so much more in terms of posterity and will serve as a great keep-sake to remind us of our hard graft in setting up this exhibition and remind us of the work's exhibited.