OK so we have another presentation and this time it's the big one, for our FMP, and one of the most trickiest due to not completely knowing what lies ahead for my project at this moment in time, although I'm not expected to. I've never been confident in presenting so don't hold much hope for this one, but it has to be done.

Dan showed us some links to help us out. Here they are:

good and bad artist proposals:

herzog tate

sand africa

materials interest / fascination
materials library
coal / aerogel (4min in)

will alsop supercity bradford - show a proposal

Jeffrey Lewis was the only 'presenter' I was really familiar with. A singer /comic book artist, his approach is just to be honest about what interest's you.

A feature on the esteemed El Bulli restaraunt

Here are a few links of presentations I've enjoyed over recent years although don't expect me to solve a rubix cube with my nose during my FMP talk!

Tom Waits with many tricks up his sleeve, showing that a conventional press conferance isn't quite as it first appears.
A young Steve Job's presenting his newest innovation as if he were a magician.

And as this Animation shows, people needn't be involved. A great piece of animation showing the effects of too much work and no play.

As these distraught Liverpool fans demonstrated that you can still be hard hitting whilst keeping an ireeverant sense of humour.
Enlisting the help of some famous faces, the fan club eventually acheived their mission of hitting home to Tom Hicks that he should leave the club alone and sell up, which he did shortly after.

And how can I talk about presentation without a nod to the most famous example of all?

'I Have a Dream'

Monty Python showed how being humorous and silly can also be educational.

Below is my presentation which uses the Prezi platform, an online mind-mapping facility which creates paths which follows the flow of the presentation and allows for various media such as video, audio and pictures to be added.

Tutorial With Dan.

We talked briefly about both the past project and about idea's informing my recent thinking in relation to the next brief, the daunting Final Major Project.

Pressing Times.

I was recently featured on the colleges Website as part of press for the 'Pop-Up Shop', where I had the oppurtunity to meet the gentleman who had won my photograph in the events raffle.

Conclusive Statement.

This project has been different for me in many different aspects, not least the way in which I approached it.
Having had strong concept of how to tackle the 'Exhibit/Show' brief from quite early on,, I was able to experiment with a number of options and really get a lot of work done around this idea.

Originally the idea was more important to me than the actual work created, but after hitting it lucky first time round and getting great results from my felt board experiments in Ilkey it became clear that a strong visual aesthetic was equally significant in terms of how the imagery is perceived.

The problem which reared its head abut 2/3rds into the project was where to go next, I found this a difficult decision in finding viable options that would prove worthwhile and add something relevant to the body of work I had already created.

With other project's running alongside this module such as the the PPD brief, The Pop-Up Shop and the A4 Exhibition, I did get a little side-tracked in terms of focus and momentum.

If I look at the project in terms of what I have gained however, I feel I have learnt a huge amount, and whilst psychically I could have more work, the research and thought, and indeed learning from my own work has been substantiatal and these are skills that whilst I may not be marke on them for this project, they will be essential for when I commence work on my FMP in order to create the most considered and comprehensive piece of work.

PDF's for Web Presence Portfolio.

Below are copys of the PDF's which make up part of my web presence portfolio including my websites for my PPD module. The first is an overview of the current project whilst the other is a copy of my Artists CV, both are ready to print.

Web Presentation Preparation And a Major Breakthrough!

After spending all of today (Thursday) in the mac suite putting together my banner for GIDE (had more problems with Indesign than you could shake a stick at but finally managed it, as shown below), I decided whilst waiting for problems with the banner to be resolved I would have one last ditched attempt at getting onto the dreaded Indexhibit before Tuesdays Web deadline and today after weeks of attempting to both get me onto the system and also create an Indexhibit website myself and Michael Corker by some miracle finally managed to get my website up and running.
Better late than never I suppose, I just wish I'd been able to get on earlier to be able to create a better website and put more time into it. My aims this weekend whilst cracking on with my dissertation and creating some form of PDF, are to get all relevant information about current/past projects onto the website and catch up with the people who have had their sites set up for weeks.
At least this means that I will have a substantial web portfolio even if the website by the time of hand in is still not super fancy, so long as the content is up to standard I can have no complaints, alongside my Carbonmade, Cargo and of course my trusty blog I have at least got a web presence established ready for future projects to be added to.

In terms of the interactive PDF document I feel it relevant to create it around the base of this project, there are many ways of which I could create this, ISSUU being one of them as this test piece below shows.

Relevant Reading.

Another architecturally orientated piece of journalism.