on the face of it the piece depicts a beautiful and overpowering yet not necessarily elegant landscape at a time of bitter tranquility, no human interaction or event taking place just the elements in their natural unaltered state.
My practice has come to the this path after past experiences led me down this avenue, the use of environmental art methods in particularly working within the outdoor landscape struck a chord with me which then progressed into my decision to create a piece centered around shooting the natural landscape 'in all it's glory'. My own creative leanings particularly a fascination with film and music led me to documenting the piece in the manner and style in which I have.

I see my self presently as a landscape artist, but I am aware that I am prone to shifting my practice along with my current interests and chop and change my areas of interest as much as I do my mediums, hence why I felt the interdisciplinary course was the right choice for me and I am pleased with the freedom I have gained from it, where I go from here, who knows, but I know that as long as I maintain momentum and keep uncovering new interests my enthusiasm can take me far.